21 April 2013

I did it.

1. purchase dna kit - check
2. open box - check
3. read directions - check and check (I never read instructions carefully the first time)
4. spit in bottle - check - repeat as needed (I went to the fridge to get a lemon for inspiration)
5. click the lid to mix the blue goo with spit - check
6. remove goo package and replace with screw on lid - check
7. place in mailer and take to mailbox -check and check
8. listen for mailman to pick up - check
9. register kit online - check
10. wait - check

It really could not have been simpler. I'm not expecting any big surprises - but I am hoping for some new relatives to compare notes with. Wish us luck!

1 comment:

  1. Sally, I'm looking forward to your reaction once the DNA results are in. I've considered taking this step but so far, haven't actually made it a priority. Please blog about what you learn from the DNA analysis!


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