06 June 2016

Okay. I'm reduced to begging now.

Are you a Russell or a Tirrell/Terrell/Terrill? Does your family hail from Connecticut in the late 1600s? Do you have a Ransom R. Russell or a Loly Terrell in your family tree? IF you do, would you please contact me - I am trying to find my 3x grandparents.

Thanks to Ancestry.com I have been combing through the probate packets, and so far have not found the Russell connection. Haven't gotten to Terrill, Terrell/ Tirrell yet.

You would make me one happy camper if we were related.


p.s. Yes I have poured through census data and B, D, M vital records of Waterbury, Prospect, New Haven County, Cheshire and Naugatuck. I only have one record that ties them together. Their marriage on 27 November 1820 in Waterbury, Litchfield, CT USA. And Ransom's probate records.

17 April 2016

Well, this is interesting.

I had a few minutes to wait for the coffee pot to finish perking before starting my morning reading ritual, so I went to ancestry.com on my ipad, because, sometimes it is nice to cut out all the page clutter, right? I started with my tree, and began to review the information - a kind of refresher on the lesser knowns. I got as far as the Dikemans, reading through nodding to myself, checking sources, eliminating those annoying factoids that ancestry likes to add to fill in the gaps, and came upon this.

My great uncle Russell Stanley Dikeman was born in Afghanistan?

What? Ancestry.com you've got some explaining to do. I'm 99.9% certain he was born in New Haven, CT, where his parents were living at the time of his birth. (Although it would conveniently explain a certain ethnicity that keeps showing up in my dna mix).

This is a new development.

Well, let me put it this way - I would have noticed it before now, had I put Afghanistan in the record of Russell S. Dikeman.  Russell was born in 1875.

I have always felt a little sad about him. He died at the age of two in 1877. In New Haven. He is buried in the Evergreen Cemetery with his parents Oscar and Lillian Russell Dikeman.

Oddly, when I went to my computer to look into this, I found that Russell Stanley Dikeman was not listed as being born in Afghanistan. And he was also listed as Infant son Dikeman. Ooops time to clean up his record. I think everything is as it should be now.

I wonder if there are any more jewels in my ipad family tree?