16 November 2015

I cannot believe that it has been over a year....

I am sorry.

Ever hear about writer's block? Life getting in the way? Well, it is real. On the up side, I have continued to search for family and actually succeeded in several ways. I am also a Marine Docent with the University of New Hampshire's Sea Grant Program. Yay. I think it is in my genes - the ocean that is. I spent this past summer volunteering on the Blue Ocean Society's whale watches. Amazing creatures out in the ocean! Learned some new skills, learned a lot about the ocean, it's environments and it's inhabitants. I now know enough to know that we hardly know anything about our ocean.

On the homefront - we remodeled the kitchen; a new grandbaby was added to the family; we went to Sicily for a month with granddaughter #1; we started harp lessons and built two new harps. I have my lampworking studio set up and running finally.

Well, enough about me...

I'm really excited about Ancestry.com's newest enhancements. No, sadly, not the way it looks. I find it tiresome to have to find the information I am looking for with all the bells and whistles that they have added. It takes up so much room on the screen! However, it is a done deal, so I am making great use of the additions that I do enjoy, namely the Wills and Probate database and in the dna department - Shared Matches. I have been looking up all of my heretofore virtually unknown ancestors - unknown because I know so little about them... I certainly have a much better understanding of a few of my ggfathers now. I also have a will or two from some older ancestor ggmothers. There is nothing like pinning down the children once and for all!

On the dna side, I made a wonderful discovery a couple of days ago using the Shared Matches function. I was able to find the common ancestor from someone I had no previous clue who the common ancestor was - we are 3rd cousins. Yay! I also discovered a 2nd cousin, and made that connection. I can't say it wasn't hard work along the way. I don't fully understand how it all works, but I am making baby steps towards understanding how to get information out of all the data one gets from taking a dna test. Do it. I really don't think you will regret it. If you need some more encouragement, please read these blogs:





Just to get you started.

So, I just ordered my mtdna full sequence test from FamilyTreeDNA. Most of my discovered matches have been on my paternal side, so now I want to see if I can find some maternal connections.

While I can't make any promises to jump right back into regular blogging, I am going to make the attempt. It's a big busy world out there, and I am just one little person. All I can say is I will do my best.


02 October 2014

Meglio tardi che mai!

Or... better late than never.

So, how have I passed the time since my last posting? Well, studying Italian language for one thing. Love the duolingo app! Why, might you ask? On the off chance that we go back to Italy for a vacation to visit my husband's family and/or do a bicycle trip to Sicily with the oldest granddaughters.

Other than that, I have been seriously researching my brick wall people for whom I will add details (as much as I know) in the hope that someone out there recognizes them and can offer a bit more information on them. So, in no particular order, since they all are lacking biographies...

Ransom R. Russell - my 3rd great grandfather
b. abt 1796 in Connecticut [perhaps]
d. 31 August 1847 in Prospect, CT, buried in Hillside Cemetery, Naugatuck, CT
m. Loly Terrill/Terrell/Tirrell 27 November 1820 in Waterbury, CT
ch: Lucius, Rufus Gustavus, Henry, Edwin, Henry Dwight, Caroline
He was a CT state representative 1841-1846.
No idea who his parents are.

Loly Terrell[etc] my 3rd great grandmother
b. abt. 1802 in Waterbury, CT
d. 7 August 1874, buried in Hillside Cemetery Naugatuck, CT
m. Ransom R. Russell 27 November 1820 in Waterbury, CT
ch: as above
No idea who her parents are.

Caroline Anne Robinson/Robertson - my 2nd great grandmother
b. abt. 1838 in Nova Scotia
d. ????
m. William (John) Mailman 7 April 1860 at age 22 Tumbling Dam, Lunenburg, NS Canada
ch:Minnie, Howard Brenton, Joseph Archibald, Caroline, Beatrice
step ch: James Albert, Louisa, Eliza, William, Martha, William, Isabella, Albert.
Lived in Mill Village, NS until the 1891 census, then no longer appears. No death info found.
Have not found her in US either, where her three daughters and possibly one or two son(s) emigrated to the Boston area.

Emma Georgina Young - my great grandmother
b. 26 July 1860 in Nova Scotia, Canada
d. 23 July 1947 in Pinellas, FL
m. James Brinton Johnstone (b. in Shelburne, NS img. Winthrop MA) 23 July 1881 in Boston, MA
ch: Maude Sherlock, Blanche Evelyn
She immigrated to the US in 1881.
Her parents are listed on the marriage record as John and Ellen.
They lived in Winthrop, MA for the rest of their lives. They are buried in Reading, MA

Helen Gilpin Sherlock
b. 23 January 1831 poss. Yarmouth, NS Canada
d. 13 July 1906 Winthrop, MA
m. 28 January 1849 James Pervis Johnstone in Shelburne, NS Canada
ch:Eunice, Helen Norah, Catherine (Kate) Elizabeth, James Brinton, Agnes West, Emma A.,
    Emma Maria, Charlotte Mitchell, Frank Sherlock, Addie Yerxa.
No idea who her parents are. Gilpin? Sherlock?
She lived in Winthrop and Chelsea MA, USA

Oh, there are plenty more, but these are the most bothersome at the moment.
If you know anything about any of the above mentioned, please let me know!