27 July 2013

DNA is a tricky thing when you are starting out.

I did it again. I took another dna test with 23andme. I wanted my sister to also take the dna test, and she chose 23andme, so to get any sort of decent comparison going I decided to take it too. We also would like our nephew to take this test, but don't you know, he can't have it done. Oh, he is willing enough, but because he lives in Maryland, he can't take the test through 23andme (or Ancestry.com I bet). Seems there is another firm in MD that has the dna testing service all sewn up in that state. Which is a bummer for us, as he is the only direct line male left in the our Mack family. I hope 23andme gets that sorted out sooner than later.

So, I did get different results. Probably because the test wasn't identical to the Ancestry.com one. Oh, I am still about 99.9% European, but my British and Irish percentage has dropped to 15.4%. No Persian/Turkish/Caucasus. But 1.4% Scandinavian, 1% French and German, 72.4% unspecified Northern European, .5 non-specific Southern European and 9.2 nonspecific European. Oh and 2.7 Neanderthal.

My sister only shares 50% of my dna. And she is 3% Neanderthal. It's very interesting to compare our genetic makeup.

 I have four bonafide cousin matches with people on Ancestry.com - one first cousin I already knew about her - we grew up next door to each other- and three other folks I did not know about. We share 4th great grand parents, mostly. There are a lot of matches of surnames on Ancestry.com, but the locations are way off. It will be challenging to find the exact relative that we are supposedly connected by.

The matches on 23andme are more obtuse. The genealogy isn't touted as the most important. But one can see that we are indeed matched genetically. But finding the connection beyond the gene is a much larger challenge. I do like the health report aspect, and I am glad that I have participated in the surveys and contributed my dna results that may positively impact folks health-wise. Luckily I am a relatively healthy person, and the stats show that if I behave myself, I will have a good future health wise.

As for figuring this dna stuff out.... I hope those who have will continue to write about it and publish their thoughts online. It really helps. So thank you all who have, and all who will in the future. Just be sure of your data, and don't make things up please, I am really tired of all the nonsense that has made it to the internet.