02 April 2012

One way to get the point across...

While I was rummaging in a closet that doesn't see much daylight, I rediscovered the Dikeman family bible that I received from my mother years and years ago. Either I never bothered to look at it (not likely as I am a very curious sort of person), or I completely forgot the treasures inside (sigh, the most likely scenario).

This collection of pictograms were among some treasures kept within the covers of the bible. I haven't gotten it all worked out yet, and I'm not sure who sent it, or to whom for that matter. But I will. Someday. These are the first four pages out of the 12 that make up the message. Click on any photo to see a larger image.

Does anybody know what a Waumbek is? 

I do, because I googled it. It is a mountain in the Pliny Range located in Coos County, New Hampshire. That is a very helpful clue, I think. Certain family members lived in NH. Some, who lived in CT, traveled often to NH for holidays. I hope there are more clues embedded in this letter!

Stay tuned for part two...