15 March 2016

Kiss me I'm 32% Irish!

Or so says Ancestry.com. 

So I start thinking about how this came about. 

My parents are both US born.
My grandparents are 3 US born and 1 NS, Canada born.
My great grandparents are 4 NS, Canada born and 4 US born.
My 2x great grandparents are 8 NS, Canada born and 8 US born.
My 3x great grandparents are 16 NS, Canada born and 16 US born.

Then it gets a little messy. Some of the older Canadian ancestors came from Scotland, Ireland,  Germany and the US. Most of the US ancestors are old New England ancestors, and therefore English generally speaking, except the Dutch and French ancestors.

So why is about 1/3 of my ethnic makeup Irish? My guess is that the "Scottish" family ancestors could be as much Irish as Scottish. Same for the English I suppose, but to a lessor degree.

It's a mystery. But one that I will embrace as I continue to learn how to play my celtic harp, drink Guinness and sing lovely ballads.

Sláinte na bhfear agus go maire na mná go deo!

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