15 March 2012

Success at NEHGS - the Mehlman Family at last

Mehlman, Johann Carl
Gale 1752, Farmer. Age 25, from Palatinate. 1.1.-.1. Indebted for 2 freights, [fl] 151,4.0.
Signed his name on Indebtedness List as "Meelman", but "Mehlman" (as in ship's list and
sometimes in lists in Nova Scotia) is much more likely to have been the proper German form.

Halifax – Vict. List. Sept. – Oct. 1752 (list No. 8) – John Carl & Dorothea Melman
                    "       "     Feb. – April 1753                           same two names

Lunenburg – Return of Arms, Dec.  1753 - Carl Meilman – Rudolf's Div.
 Return of Divisions, July 1754 – Carl Meelman – Rudolf's Div, G-3, with a "house"
30-Acre Farm Lots – 1753-4 Allotment List – John Carl Meilman – La Have, A-4
Live Stock Distribution, 1754 – {Carl Mehlman}  - Lot No. 129 – 6 sheep, 1 sow, 1 goat
                                                       {Nicolas Berghaus}             
Baptism, 17 July 1854 – Charles, of Charles & Dorothea Mealman                       (Roll II)
Vict. List June 1755 – John Carl, & Dorotha Melman (nos. 1072/73), Chalres Melman (no. 1377)
    "     "   Feb.- May 1756 – Chal. Doroy, & Jno Mehlman (nos. 103/-4/-5)
Baptism, 1 Sept. 1756 – Caspar, of Carll & Dorothea Mielman                                (Roll II)
Vict. List. Jan. – May 1757 – Carl, Dorothea & John Mehlman & later, toward end of list,
                 Caspar Mehlman
Cattle Expedition, 1756 – Carl Melman (name horizontal)
Baptism, 23 April 1758 – {John Michael and Sybilla} twins, of Charles & Dorothea Muilman    (Roll II)
      "       , 4 May 1760 – Ann Catherine, of Jno Charles & Dorothea Mailman                 (    "    )  
Registry of Town Lots, 1760 – Jno. Carl Mehlman – Rudolf's Div., G-3
   "            30- Acre Lots, 1760 – Jno. Carl Mehlman – LaHave river, A-9; as "Carl Meelman"
Lutheran church – Johann Carl Mehlman, signed  Membership Roll of 1775 but does
   not seem to have paid his dues, as his name does not appear in church account book

Mr. Money's Burial Register, 26 June 1791, buried "Jas. Mailman" aged 79 [Source of a
  "James" Mailman, aged 79, is an enigma; & his being buried by Mr. Money, if the
 Mehlmans were Lutherans. To be sure, there was obviously a good deal of dissention 
 among the Lutherans, & some splitting, but so far as we have records of it, 
 almost all, I think, later than this].    

Source: The "Foreign Protestants" and the Settlement of Nova Scotia The History of a 
Piece of Arrested British Colonial Policy in the Eighteenth Century. Winthrop Pickard Bell. 
University of Toronto Press, 1961. Co-published by Centre for Canadian Studies, 
Mount Allison University 1990.



  1. Hi, Johann Carl and Dorothea are my original North American ancestors. My Mehlman decedent left Nova Scotia before 1850 and settled in Gloucester, Ma. where my family continued in the Atlantic fisheries through the 19th century. There are at least four Mehlman men listed on the Gloucester fisherman memorial. In my lifetime, my grandfather Mehlman 1893-1970 could still speak some German. We spell our name Mehlman and pronounce it with a silent 'H'.
    Steven Mehlman

  2. Small world, no? My Mailman great-grandmother left NS for US in 1894. The family moved to Everett, MA. My aunt lived in Gloucester - I wonder if she knew of the Mehlmans living there? I believe Minnie Mailman Mack (daughter of William [John?]Mehlman/Mailman and Caroline Robinson/Robertson)had a sister Martha Mailman who came to the US first as Martha Gibbons, with husband and children, and lived in Boston. I would love to compare notes with you!


    1. Jolynn Noel WinlandMay 4, 2012 at 9:17 AM

      Hi Sally,

      My great-great grandmother is Martha Mailman. Her son, Francis "John" Gibbons was my great-grandfather. He married Nellie Ryan from Boston in 1903; they were actually married in Lynn, Mass. They moved to Brockton, Mass. where their daughter Isabelle--my grandmother--was born.
      Martha was from William Mehlman's first marriage to his cousin, Isabelle Mehlman. She died in August of 1859 and he married Caroline the following April.
      My e-mail address is littleangeljw@yahoo.com if you'd like to exchange information. :)


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