04 September 2011

Favorite breakfast reading?

A REPORT of the Record Commissioners of the City of Boston containing the Selectmen's Minutes from 1754 through 1763 printed in Boston by Rockwell and Churchill, City Printers, No 39 Arch Street. 1887. 
Riveting. If you are into that sort of thing.
I have been reading the minutes because I am searching for information regarding my ancestors in Boston. I'm looking for Stoddards (haven't found any mention so far) and Deans (I have).
Excerpt from the minutes- 1761 page 163.
" Capt. James Dean of Schooner Endeavor belonging to Casco Bay was sent for, and Bonds demanded of him to indemnifie the Town from any Charge that may arise on Account of Margaret Hominia, brought by him into this Town from Hallifax."
I'm not sure what that is all about, but I think that is my relative. I do have a James Dean, brother to my known Ephraim Dean in my family tree...they were sons of Thomas and Lydia Dean. Ephraim was born in Barnstable, MA and James was born Scarborough, ME. Ephraim, James and their brother William were all Captains of ships, sailing between Boston and Nova Scotia or Newfoundland. I need to do some more sleuthing to fill in some rather large gaps, but I do think this is "my" James Dean. William Dean lived in Boston on Milk Street with his wife Mary (Snow). Wish I could find some more references to William...
Sometimes the quiet ones slip through the cracks of time. It's a quandry... do I wish my relatives were more famous - or infamous - that they would be mentioned more often? Every time I see their name in print I feel that they are reaching out to me in an enticing way ... follow this clue and find out who I am.
More from the City of Boston Selectmen's minutes next time.

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