23 May 2011

An Assortment of Macks

Due largely to the generosity of wonderful folks out there who post pictures of their relatives online - wait - they are our relatives too! - I am pleased to show you:

Norman Clifford Luther and Richard Burton Mack (in wagon)
 in 1925, Everett or Melrose, MA. Norman is the son of Jessie Mack, 
Harold's younger sister, and Carl Vinton Luther 
(from Nancy C. Hall)

Jessie Caroline (Mack) Luther
(from Nancy C. Hall)

Ethel Marie (Mack) (Sparks) (Cook) Headley - Harold's older sister
(from Nancy C. Hall)

Luthers and Macks on Christmas Day, 1927, in what Jessie called "ice cream clothes":

Left to right, Aubrey Brenton Mack (always called AB); John A. Cook, the Providence whaling ship captain; Arthur Burton Mack, AB's son; Carl Vinton Luther; Dorothy Carolyn Luther, Carl's daughter; Ethel Marie Mack Sparks Cook, who married a third time, after Capt. Cook's death to a Mr. Headley; Ethel S. Walsh Mack, AB's wife; Norman Clifford Luther, Carl's son.  
Photo taken by Jessie Caroline Mack Luther.

(from Nancy C. Hall)

Burton Augustus Mack
(from Nancy C. Hall)

Emma Georgina Young
aka BamBam - GiGi's mother and wife to James Brinton Johnstone;
with two young boys
(courtesy of Barb75771 on Ancestry.com)

and just for giggles, because she isn't directly related,

Lucy Mack Smith
daughter of Solomon and Lydia (Gates) Mack, from Gilsum, NH;
older brother of our Samuel Mack. Lucy married Joseph Smith, 
son of Aseal and Mary Smith of  Topsham, MA. 
Lucy eventually gave birth to Joseph Smith the Mormon Prophet.
(Photo from Nancy C. Hall)

It's kind of wild when you think about it... I was born in Connecticut and have ended up living in New Hampshire, not too far from Gilsum. Strange, huh?

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  1. Lucy Mack isn't related to the Londonderry Mack's, one of the first Scots Irish families in New Hampshire, but Joseph Smith (the father) resided here (was Londonderry, now is part of Windham, NH) for a bit before removing to Vermont. Strange, but true!


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