26 April 2011

Don't you hate it when this happens...


I thought I was getting good at saving images. This is supposed to be an 1871 census record from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Maybe the information is in there somewhere.

All I can say is when certain websites say just "right click on image" and "save as"... they may be misleading us just a little bit. I have since learned to check the .jpeg I thought I was getting to make sure I didn't end up with a similar version of the document above...BEFORE I click the button to go back to my previous page...as the back arrow works kind of whimsically on some websites.

If a company wants to protect its images then just say so. Don't go saving the document I just spent an hour searching for in as .x file.

Yes, I do know some handy "get around" methods, but in this case I was lured into the "save as" trap.

Live and learn.

Now, anybody know how I can download photos of gravestones from my cell phone?
I'd appreciate it...

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